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So they say


So they say...

It's always appreciated when clients have feedback on their experience with Daylight Breaks.


From the initial concept, storyboarding and creative input right through to post-production and delivery, working with Daylight Breaks feels like you’re working with colleagues within your very own in-house digital team.

Tim’s talent, professionalism, flexibility, creative flair and unwavering commitment to producing the highest quality, targeted content have helped us create engaging video and stills that really connect with people.

Our employees are asking, “When are the next videos being released?”. In the first phase of our campaign, we’ve already seen increased engagement and a positive impact on workplace culture and employee retention.

Michelle - AWD Alliance


It was great to see the next instalment and the cross promotion of our feedlot
business and our strong focus on safety – this video gives a greater insight into
our business, our approach to safety and goes a long way to ’bringing to life’ to the
detailed paper-based information we provide to them. Congratulations to all of you
(and those behind the scenes as well) – it’s a credit to our business and personally
makes me feel proud to work for and be associated with the Elders brand!

Kerri - Elders Ltd - Risk and Insurance



It was great working with you guys, everyone says it’s one of our best content pieces ever.
Definitely a proud one to share.

Brian - Taylors Wines


Damn outstanding, well done all! The guys did come across really well.
Almost as if they have done it before. I have also really enjoyed working
with you and the team, you’re all great to get along with and I think that
reflects in how the interns performed in the video!

Alan - Hewlett Packard Enterprises

Wow, this is stunning, the photography is so beautiful, capturing the expressions,
interactions and relationships. This is something to be very proud of.
Thank you for all your amazing work.

Mary - Early Learning Corporation

I’m very excited to share with you our new Elders Live It TV commercial focussed on Financial Services. I think you’ll agree that the ads
have come up beautifully. We’ll be on air across rural
Australia from next week.

Elizabeth - Elders Ltd - Financial Services



Today was the public launch on the mental health video.
Feedback has been fantastic and you should be so proud
of what you have achieved. Thank you for everything
on this journey. Keep working your magic!